Rage El Rock has been born

Her parents are special. She calls them Art and Fact, and they are her everything.
So this blog will contain everything.
There is no Art that isn’t true. There is no picture that doesn’t express, there is no book written without a reason, there is nothing created without feelings. So that was a bit dramatic but the reason why Art and Fact go along so well together. In reality I try to build this blog on:
Photography, as its one of my passion to capture moments. Who shares that knows, it takes time and patience. And especially the second one went missing in my genes before my granny was born.
Book suggestions of passages that are following me like bright and dark shadows.
Poems, which I try to write but never get any feedback for – I hope your commune will 😉 (damn they will be in german most probably… so you’d better do a course)
Things which I think are worth encouraging and supporting.

Now, why do I need to write it down in a blog, why not just stick to facebook and twitter? Since I am already blogging about my work and all my travels, I need a space to fill it with the rest of my life. In Words. Cause otherwise my head will explode. There are too many words in there which need to get out. Despite that I love to inspire people. So nothing would be a bigger compliment than to see people getting inspired by my words. Now sitting in the middle of the ocean isn’t quite the place where you have the finger on the pulse of the time, but everybody who loves the ocean knows that thoughts and dreams are getting bigger with the size of the horizon. And this one is enormous.



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