15 Things I wish (to be)

Surely, that’s gonna be a post that can only compete by being funny, unique or so generic that everyone can find oneself in there.
That is why: “Things I wish” now happens to be “Things I wish to be”.

  1. Astronaut since childhood, to make loopings on the moon.
  2. Pilot in a supersonic jet to overhaul time – but I am so afraid of speed.
  3. An object that photographers love to take pictures of – nobody discovered me.
  4. Always in the mood to make people smile.
  5. Black sheep.
  6. Scientific diver that lives with penguins.
  7. Superhero who saves the world by providing helium balloons.
  8. Sailor that can navigate with stars – maps are too complicated for me.
  9. Author of a bestseller.
  10. Owner of a self-supporter farm – it’s just the better way of living.
  11. Totoros friend – he’s so fluffy.
  12. First climber of a route.
  13. The shooter of an important breathtaking picture.
  14. Able to say NO.
  15. Most important: the best grandma of all times.

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