Prompt Box – uncertainty

Uncertainty is a difficult topic for me to write about, but it is also the one defining my life at the moment. Standing on the edge of big decisions and big changes.
I am sure, everybody can feel this moment, when everything seems to work out. When you throw back you head and smile with the sun. And then, only for a second, this one thought hits you: If everything is perfect now, what is going to come next? It’s not gonna getting better than that! And than your thoughts start to fly. To the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year. You stumble over half-baked projects, dreams you stopped working for. Did I say you? Sorry, I do. And there it is. The uncertainty of the future and the past, all in one.
I lower my head and furrow my brow. Questions are chevying from moments to moments. Did I choose the right way? Whats going to happen if I lose? Was it the right decision to wait? I am not 20 anymore! How am I gonna manage a complete turn in my life? Am I strong enough to bear up whats coming next? And how the hell am I gonna save the world with just a pen in my hand!
My thoughts are persistent. They drive as many loopings that I would be sick, not noticing that their loopings are making me sick as well.
The trick is, to find the power plug of that rollercoaster and simply pull it out. To open my eyes and look straight back into the sun. I don’t know the answers and I never will, so let’s just enjoy this hell of a day and go out there to find another moment in peace and less loopings from feelings of uncertainty.


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