Let’s do this!

Never and always! It is essential to get my head off from work to help my creativity to flow, get distracted by little things.

Fluff on a freshly washed sock – laundry is sooo important!
Bird poo on my bike saddle – it’s essential to do a little sport befor stressing the head.
A little kid throwing it’s ice cream against a wall – surely at the playground I will find some characters to write about.

But the nicest poem, and the funniest stories and the most wonderful song in my head wont ever let me sleep as long as I dont put them down. The biggest fear namley is, that all these ideas will never come out as good as they were in my head. So it is safer to keep them there, looking for excuses…
So there is a difference between necessary distraction and poisonous procrastination – that one in particular only leaves me with a bad concious and only those things in my mind that I haven’t been doing. I would rather fill this space with some great ideas for my next photo, knitting, travel, writing, … project!

So let’s do this!


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