A perfect spot with pen and paper

Since I started writing I was thinking about my perfect spot a lot. Well, it didn’t help very much so I stopped thinking and started writing instead.
By looking back, I figure, how the environment I am writing in is influencing my style of words. Since the surrounding puts me in a certain (or changes my current) mood, it does luckily influence the writing!

The most funny things are coming out, when I am sitting in a room, tight up to the keys with hours and hours to spent on a topic and my thoughts about it. Then little stories are evolving, the fact that I am far from the real world makes it possible to imagine it differently.

The most weird things are coming out, when I am sitting in a public place. I wouldn’t be able to stay focused and you could feel that in the text as well. It would jump from the sky in St. Petersburg right into my moms pottery shop, from glaciers in Iceland to the question of how sea snakes are breathing and coffeehouses in Canada sometimes lead to thoughts about handbag manufacturing. It would be messy, hence very interesting.

And the most touching ones I will produce when being surrounded by nature – Romanticism beats Biedermeier. Adverbs would constantly flow, and mess up every straight thought.

So is there really a perfect spot? If each spot educes different words from me? Since everyone is holding many sides of their characters within themself, why not giving them all a chance to crawl out?


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