Look what i found!

Everyday I could scream that out loud, after exploring the net, the news, posts and blogs. Everyday something is leading me to a topic that wont let me off the hook for that day and I get all on about it! You know that feeling otherwise you would not sneak into my post.
What if you go to Russia, and even though you don’t know anyone there, you would come back home with bigger stories than what tour guides are telling you. Alex is taking care of exactly that. My enthusiasm on this topic

Great. Sooner or later I will be your customer 😉 I like the idea very much. Since museums and exhibitions are not the main reason why I travel a country, I am sure, there are more out there like me, your concept is gonna kick in! Especially, since Russia isn’t quite the touristic place outside of big Moscow and the Paris of the North…even though I loved it there as well! Still…GREAT!

has been repaid with a simple

Cool! )))

Russians :D. No honestly, I love their dry wit against the american exaggeration (sorry for the cliché). So in my head I already started packing my bag.

The second page that made me squeak today is more art related, but nevertheless very sweet. Stupidcats is a must see for all cat lovers. And I learnt incidentally what Giclée is, and how you pronounce it. Worth a thought.
I am curious what the “tomorrow” holds ready – maybe I have to change the schapka in my bag with a diving suit already.


6 thoughts on “Look what i found!

  1. Enjoying reading your latest posts – while the Wiki definition for giclee is basically correct, it doesn’t include my interpretation of what that term apparently means. GICLEE = Gosh I Could Literally E-commerce Everything’…:)

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