Don’t you forget about me!

Imagining myself at the end of my life! That quote got me!
I am doing that very often, thinking of what I want to see when I look back and: what do others see in me.

So how do I want people to remember me, and think of me, when I am gone (not to appear narcissistic…)
I want them to see a person, that lived a happy life and did everything to give joy to others.
I want them to see a person that got stronger after struggles, but never lost faith and hope in turning the world into a better place.
I want them to remember me with love.
(One thing I really don’t understand is, when you are dead….everyone is gathering around to say goodbye…why don’t we have time to do that, when the person is still alive?)

But is that really necessary? I mean… come on. Is it so important what others think of us? We all now, from certain stories, that happened to friends, relatives and so on…it can be over any second. So, why wasting time in thinking about what we gonna may think in 50 years time…
Sure, it is always good to stop, step back, look left, right, back and forth to check if the direction we are taking is still the one our heart agrees on. But minds are changing, people are changing, society is changing and it might be difficult to always be the one everybody loves without betraying your’t you forget about me!self.

I think it’s better to look in the mirror and see myself – not a worn out person that’s being projected there from others.
And isn’t it much more important to look back and say: I rocked it!?


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