Is there anyone out there who can concentrate on only one thing when he/she’s refreshed? Most of the times, when I roll up my sleeves and get to work, pick up my pen and want to start there is… Nothing.
No matter how many miles I strolled through the forest, how many refreshing teas I’ve been drinking and how man socks I folded – my fingers don’t want to receive any message from my brain.
No honestly, for me, having a plan and an agenda is helping a lot.
My whole childhood my mom preached “make a list”. So of course, it was the last thing I was doing. Who do they think they are…parents.After I fell flat on my face for several times I grumpily picked a little piece of paper and a pen, trying to think of what I should write on this bloody list. 8 o’clock tomorrow? 19:00 on Friday? Whatever!
The grumpy face gave way to the relieved one when I finally figured how to do “list”. And so it happened with my writing. Without prompts, topics, notes, quotes, other people posts, news flashes and so on and so on, I wouldn’t be able to post everyday. Because than I would have to think of “what do I really wanna say”. And it is not easy, to have a statement or an opinion on something everyday, neither is it easy to always create something what you want to share every day.
So for now I try things out, and so far, my favorites have been posts which I was writing after seeing a picture. It was easy to let the story flow out of my fingers…
So it goes: Pictures inspire me most.


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