Getting up on the wrong side of bed

The first noise after I stuffed the alarm clock under my pillow…
My water bottle left the upper bunk by itself, after the boat cranked in a wave. Well. It happens… It doesn’t necessarily need to break, or loose the cap. But it did. So I did what I normally avoid for weeks, I mobbed the floor. At midnight. Night shift of a shifter.
I entered the messroom, still with parts of the pillow in my face (no, mobbing doesn’t  take it away really) and stored some food in the fridge for my lunch break at 6 o’clock. Meal at midnight equals dinner for the day shift – steak, fish, pasta – everything you need for a good start in the day. I stuffed a few cereal bars in my pocket and scuffled to my office. A room full of PCs. One could think – oh that’s nice and cozy. Normally offices are. This one is a fridge. Air conditioners are running non stop to maintain a good temperature for those buddies to work. And for me to freeze. Who would think of packing a scarf and a hat when working the Caribbean Sea. My fault. Clicking, staring at screens and further clicking. Music – Elvis Presley.
A break every now and then to refill my water bottle…oh did I mention? It flooded my cabin. So I hate my bottle for today.
More clicking and staring at the screen. Music – Nina Simone.
Co-worker starts soft gun fight. Got hit in the head. Like everyday. Didn’t strike anyone myself. Like everyday.
Sunrise: 5:42 – I can see it through my little porthole in the office. No time to go to the Bridge to take some pictures. Music – Manu Chao
6:30 – Breakfast. Well, not for me. It’s actually my lunch break. But who cares about a shifter. Bread, eggs, bacon, beaked beans, can fish, fresh fruits… every day. No cheese…(note: I am on a french boat. I am still not over it!)
I grab my fridge food – microwave – bing. Half an hour off work conversation with co – workers. Mainly Philippinos – never growing and up-growing heroes. My mood starts to climb up with every joke they are giggling over. Music – Nelly Furtado.
Colleague throws a fit and starts cleaning. Not only his desk, but also mine. Thanks a lot. Now since I know the germs are there, I can’t work without seeing them everywhere.
As the sun starts heating up the boat, the important people crawl out of their big cabins, with ocean view. Music – Stop!
Back to clicking and staring at the screen. Water – bottle – fill – up. Still mad at the bottle.
I take my coffee break at nine. Best 30 minutes of the day. Just me and the coffee standing on the bridge wing watching a flying fish race. Sun.
Finally time to write the post!
In 20 minutes I will pack my stuff, leave my glasses at the desk and scuffle back to my cabin.
Further hours are going to be packed with leisure. So what shall we do today? Watch a movie? Read some pages of my book in the sun? Go for a walk on the Helikopter deck? Smash the gym? Give me some ideas. I have three hours to fill 🙂


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