Blog Stats

How many people visited my blog today? Only 3? Why? Am I not interesting enough?
How many people liked my last post? Only 10? Was it not funny, or touching enough?
Best posting time 3 o’clock? Timing is everything, so I better hurry up with my post today!

Does that sound familiar?
One of the first comments I received was: “It’s good if that idea spurs you on to be more creative, but one thing I love about WordPress is that it doesn’t feel like competing to me, even when hundreds of us respond to the same prompt. Just being ourselves gives us all the difference we need.” which is true. But aren’t we still hunting for “likes”

“Likes” – are motivating for new posts, giving new ideas, inspiring. But what if your “Stats” don’t impress you? Are you still motivated to blog? Or would you crumble your notebook and head for a walk trying to get your head free, blogging….bah….who needs that.
Every beginning is difficult πŸ™‚
The most interesting statistic for me is the country overview. Maybe some of you know the online game Ndemic Creations. “It is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Can you infect the world?” The goal is to infect the world with a virus, bacteria, plague etc. by using any kind of resources that can help spreading a disease. Animals, Humans, Transportation. You can even evolve your creation by making it resistant against temperature and medicine. It is one of these games that sounds horrible in the first placeand as soon as you try it you wont be able to get off the hook. Where was I…. Country Statistics. Isn’t it great to be read by so many different Nationalities? Remeber in times, when language was a huge barrier, books were travelling mainly around the own country and ideas that evolve in the east spent decades for a Travel to the west. So in order to follow the line of Ndemic Creations I want to get one hit of each country at least once πŸ™‚

For the rest: I will continue doing it my way, not paying too much attention to the hits and likes, because as soon as I start chasing them, I wont be able to write about what moves me to move you, but checking how to please you in order to please me.


10 thoughts on “Blog Stats

  1. It’s so true, the last paragraph. Just write when you feel like writing, not because you need more likes and hits. This is like me. I tend to pressure myself in writing more so I can get more likes and followers. But then, squeezing my mind for ideas is giving me headaches. Imaginations should not be impelled. They need to grow on their own and be harvested at the right time πŸ˜€

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