Time Travel

Facebook. The funniest, saddest, weirdest diary of all times.

“Would you like to see, what you’ve been up to one year ago”? Wuaaaaat really? That was a year ago? You must be kiddin’ me! And look at the hair!

I like this little album filled with quotes, pictures, wishes, thoughts. One could maybe also just have a normal photographic album at home. But would you invite all your friends over to comment on or discuss them? To place some of their favorite pictures right underneath? That would be quite nice in fact, but very expensive ;).

My best friend didn’t know I was going to end up at sea. One day she posted a picture of two pin-up seamen at my wall. They weren’t the reason I started sailing. I mean, not entirely. Even though I was curious about those seamen. But now, every time I see this pictures I can’t stop giggling, because – you might see it coming – they are not like you picture them. Remember The Captain from HIMYM? That respectful, well-tempered, awkward guy? Not even close. Ok – they are not wearing big beards. That’s about it with the similarity. 😀

Those little things keep me smiling when I once in a while travel through time in FB.

But there are others. Posts with a wagging finger. And they shout at me, and I wonder: what changed since then? Most of the time the devastating truth is NOTHING. And that is the point when I turn my phone off and start writing!


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