Little Souvenir

Nobody intends to put up a wall
(Walter Ulbricht, Leader of the GDR, June 15 1961 – 2 months before the Berlin Wall was built)

And this his how life goes.
The wall was built, the country divided, the world got a cold and after staying in bed and curing their illness, not willing to take chances the wall was teared down.
Happy People. Happy Germany. Happy Europe. (Maybe)
And then one day the astronaut Chris Hadfield shot this amazing picture over Berlin.

The yellow east part with sodium light bulbs vs the fluorescent west side. The warm cozy community vs technology and progress.
The statement of the furniture department simply was: we haven’t had the money to equalise everything.
Can’t some things just remain different? Aren’t those sweet reminders of our history? Non violent, non predominant but calm and peaceful souvenirs, only noticeable from space.


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