Eleven Eleven

When countries all over the world are marking the end of the first world war,  the Remembrance Day – honoring the people that served their country or died on a battlefield – Germany itself is opening the carnival season at 11:11.


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nine eleven

“Your Days are Numbered.”

Do I have to say more? Actually yes.
What a coincidence to pick that quote on a date like that.
For a world where there’s only one thing popping up in someones head when hearing those numbers, we talking about the ninth of November not the 11th of September.

For Germany that date is more important than any other. Even the Ministry of Culture called for a yearly project day on that particular day to enforce the debate and examination of German history and educate the importance of democracy.

Nine Eleven is a magical date showing the cruelty of the human race. The power of Revolution and the undeniable fact that people are marionettes of economy and politics.
Beginning with the year 1948, where the execution of a guy under parliamentary privilege was the beginning of the end of the German Revolution. Followed by being the Proclamation Day at 1918. And when 1923 the Munich Putsch went off unsuccessfully, the Pogrom Night of 1938 fooled every effort that was made in the name of humanity.
But at least the last nine eleven event, taken place in 1989, paid tribute to the Good. With the opening of the Berlin Wall Germany opened up to it’s own people.

Despite all those historic events that took place on that particular date, there is another more personal one: The birthday of a very good old friend of mine! And I am glad to say that his day’s aren’t numbered yet, and there are lot more joyful ones to come!
Happy Birthday!