Where to find symmetry

I went out full of enthusiasm, and returnd speechless. Modern art loves antisymmetry, nature is full of symmetric disorder and windows in a row kept on having different types of curtains! Why does everyone need to be so individual 😀
So it was quite a challenge to find good patterns, good shadows, good backgrounds (if any). Since I am normally a big fan of making small things big and look into details, I tried to get a look on bigger things like buildings and landscapes this time. The first one is a church roof of a modern church, second picture is the shaft tower of an old coal mine, the third picture shows the mounting of a swing set and the last two are pictures of a parc during summer. (Those old parks are made for pictures of symmetry).




8 thoughts on “Where to find symmetry

  1. I really like your photos for this week’s challenge. I’m thrilled you decided to participate. My favorite photo is the mounting of a swing set. I would not have though of taking that photo. Wonderful.


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