Would I be me?

If I could turn back time, I would not feed this terrifying pet. After this tiny ball of fur bit me, my favorite socks got soaked with blood (it’s unbelievable how much blood such a little finger can hold – or not hold) I will never touch a hamster again. That is a big sacrifice – to never touch an animal whose brown eyes are the most touching ones after a fawn.

If I could turn back time, I would love to sit back in my beanbag chair, reading the most exciting book in the world with a sweet big lollipop that will make my tongue bleed – again.

If I could turn back time, I would jump back to my sweet 17 and tell this girl: Move on! Do exactly what you do now, because your life is gonna be great!


Eleven Eleven

When countries all over the world are marking the end of the first world war,  the Remembrance Day – honoring the people that served their country or died on a battlefield – Germany itself is opening the carnival season at 11:11.


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nine eleven

“Your Days are Numbered.”

Do I have to say more? Actually yes.
What a coincidence to pick that quote on a date like that.
For a world where there’s only one thing popping up in someones head when hearing those numbers, we talking about the ninth of November not the 11th of September.

For Germany that date is more important than any other. Even the Ministry of Culture called for a yearly project day on that particular day to enforce the debate and examination of German history and educate the importance of democracy.

Nine Eleven is a magical date showing the cruelty of the human race. The power of Revolution and the undeniable fact that people are marionettes of economy and politics.
Beginning with the year 1948, where the execution of a guy under parliamentary privilege was the beginning of the end of the German Revolution. Followed by being the Proclamation Day at 1918. And when 1923 the Munich Putsch went off unsuccessfully, the Pogrom Night of 1938 fooled every effort that was made in the name of humanity.
But at least the last nine eleven event, taken place in 1989, paid tribute to the Good. With the opening of the Berlin Wall Germany opened up to it’s own people.

Despite all those historic events that took place on that particular date, there is another more personal one: The birthday of a very good old friend of mine! And I am glad to say that his day’s aren’t numbered yet, and there are lot more joyful ones to come!
Happy Birthday!

LIEBSTER AWARD – Challenge accepted

Even though I am not a big fan of chain-lettres, this one is still doing good, as it encourages me to check out for loads of blogs 😉 And it will hopefully push a bit, the Follower Rate of some nice ones. So here we go, drimhaus (Thanks for your nomination) – Challenge accepted!


What do you enjoy most about blogging/writing

That stuff, that crumbles up in my head, makes actually sence after I put in on paper. That is awesome!

What is the story behind your blog name?

After “investing” in an art project of a friend ,she told me, I will need a name, so she can put me on the Investor – List. Rage el Rock was created, cause I can go on and on and on… and on when I get into a fuss.

When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging after when I started working offshore, in order to keep my family and friends up to date. I mean, who really know’s what’s going on a boat!

Do you ever get “writer’s block,” and, if so, how do you deal with it?

So far, luckily not longer than a day. So far it’s just been – I am not in the mood to put anything down today. But all the stuff I pick up on the blogging/writing University, leaves me with a lot of ideas how to overcome a “block” should it appear.

What is the best feedback you have ever gotten on a blog post?

For me there is no best or worst, I like feedback that helps me to enhance my blog, the quality of writing whatsoever. But I do like positive comments, about the characters, thoughts to pictures etc. as well.

What Motivates You to Keep Blogging?

So far, it’s the people reading  me. As long as I know there is one person out there that is reading me, I will continue. It’s different with real writing. I need to do that, to keep my head free.

What is your biggest regret?

There is none. I did good, I did bad. Everything brought me further. Everything is good for learning a lesson. If I don’t do a mistake today, I will do it tomorrow. To be fair, I have a memory like a sieve… maybe, I already forgot about it.

What is your greatest joy in life?

Moments when I can unwind. No matter if its sport, dancing, laughing with friends, anything that’s close to ecstasies (but not in a bad way) will heal me 🙂

Who is your biggest inspiration, and why?

There is no biggest, and there is not only one. People and characters that inspire me are changing every now and then. Maybe it is because I am not settled yet, and I still want to be everything at once. May it be an adventurer, a little girl from childhood books, my grandma or the greengrocer, whose eyes radiate joy and inner peace.

What goals would you like to accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years?

I wanna be a mom 🙂

How does it feel to be nominated for this award?

Well, I am honored. But it was especially nice to answer the questions. And I am also curious about the contribution of my nominees.

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Here are your questions:

1. Why and when did you start blogging, was there a special moment that made you start?
2. Who is inspiring you the most and why?
3. Whats your recipe when looking for a vital spark?
4. Did you change the purpose of your blog? When yes why?
5. What’s your vice?
6. Who do you want to read your blog?
7. What was your dream when your were a child? Did it become true?
8. Which feeling makes you want to write?
9. What kind of blogs are you following?
10. Tell me ‘a’ story about your blog name!
11. Share your favorite picture of the week with me!

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Monthly Update

For this one I will need your help! I am very willing to keep this Blog going. There is a lot to write about, but to keep the focus on something regularly, I would like you to tell me:

It’s gonna be more fun, if you are getting involved as well. So thank you all in advance.

Don’t you forget about me!

Imagining myself at the end of my life! That quote got me!
I am doing that very often, thinking of what I want to see when I look back and: what do others see in me.

So how do I want people to remember me, and think of me, when I am gone (not to appear narcissistic…)
I want them to see a person, that lived a happy life and did everything to give joy to others.
I want them to see a person that got stronger after struggles, but never lost faith and hope in turning the world into a better place.
I want them to remember me with love.
(One thing I really don’t understand is, when you are dead….everyone is gathering around to say goodbye…why don’t we have time to do that, when the person is still alive?)

But is that really necessary? I mean… come on. Is it so important what others think of us? We all now, from certain stories, that happened to friends, relatives and so on…it can be over any second. So, why wasting time in thinking about what we gonna may think in 50 years time…
Sure, it is always good to stop, step back, look left, right, back and forth to check if the direction we are taking is still the one our heart agrees on. But minds are changing, people are changing, society is changing and it might be difficult to always be the one everybody loves without betraying yourhttps://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/dont-you-forget-about-me/Don’t you forget about me!self.

I think it’s better to look in the mirror and see myself – not a worn out person that’s being projected there from others.
And isn’t it much more important to look back and say: I rocked it!?

Look what i found!

Everyday I could scream that out loud, after exploring the net, the news, posts and blogs. Everyday something is leading me to a topic that wont let me off the hook for that day and I get all on about it! You know that feeling otherwise you would not sneak into my post.
What if you go to Russia, and even though you don’t know anyone there, you would come back home with bigger stories than what tour guides are telling you. Alex is taking care of exactly that. My enthusiasm on this topic

Great. Sooner or later I will be your customer 😉 I like the idea very much. Since museums and exhibitions are not the main reason why I travel a country, I am sure, there are more out there like me, your concept is gonna kick in! Especially, since Russia isn’t quite the touristic place outside of big Moscow and the Paris of the North…even though I loved it there as well! Still…GREAT!

has been repaid with a simple

Cool! )))

Russians :D. No honestly, I love their dry wit against the american exaggeration (sorry for the cliché). So in my head I already started packing my bag.

The second page that made me squeak today is more art related, but nevertheless very sweet. Stupidcats is a must see for all cat lovers. And I learnt incidentally what Giclée is, and how you pronounce it. Worth a thought.
I am curious what the “tomorrow” holds ready – maybe I have to change the schapka in my bag with a diving suit already.

The struggle of Art


Two days ago I stumbled over  a topic of a writing competition:

Art – who is still going.

At first I thought, yeah right, nobody is visiting museums anymore, not even my grandparents do. (That’s a bit exaggerated – I love museums). So, when picking up my pen to write another poem about vanishing interest in art, by  drawing circles and squares on to my paper to make it look less bank, I paused for a moment.  I stared out of my window, watching different type of cars, colorful bikes, walkers with umbrellas, tourists with wellies and cameras. I watched over to the opposite building,  the crested bowfront, the windows, the big graffiti of a starving cat next to the entrance.
Suddenly, the radio caught my attention by announcing  a new ballet production of Don Quichotte followed by a live broadcast of Nobuo Uematsu. While listening I am playing with my handcrafted earring, glancing to the starving cat. I close my laptop, the graphic of a big panda is smiling up at me from the sleeve, grab my purse, made of recycled carton, and leave the appartement. Trams with huge adverts are passing by, the purr of a tattooing needle makes me feel the pain. I am starving. I jump through the puddles to reach my favorite vegan restaurant. They are creating their own delicious meals and are normally “cleaned out” before my day even starts. During my lunch I got a phone call from a friend, who urgently needs a helping hand for the decoration of a music festival. With a new creation of Tricia in my belly I am strolling back home, check the competition topic again and laugh. Nobody needs to go anywhere, cause art is everywhere!


Rage El Rock has been born

Her parents are special. She calls them Art and Fact, and they are her everything.
So this blog will contain everything.
There is no Art that isn’t true. There is no picture that doesn’t express, there is no book written without a reason, there is nothing created without feelings. So that was a bit dramatic but the reason why Art and Fact go along so well together. In reality I try to build this blog on:
Photography, as its one of my passion to capture moments. Who shares that knows, it takes time and patience. And especially the second one went missing in my genes before my granny was born.
Book suggestions of passages that are following me like bright and dark shadows.
Poems, which I try to write but never get any feedback for – I hope your commune will 😉 (damn they will be in german most probably… so you’d better do a course)
Things which I think are worth encouraging and supporting.

Now, why do I need to write it down in a blog, why not just stick to facebook and twitter? Since I am already blogging about my work and all my travels, I need a space to fill it with the rest of my life. In Words. Cause otherwise my head will explode. There are too many words in there which need to get out. Despite that I love to inspire people. So nothing would be a bigger compliment than to see people getting inspired by my words. Now sitting in the middle of the ocean isn’t quite the place where you have the finger on the pulse of the time, but everybody who loves the ocean knows that thoughts and dreams are getting bigger with the size of the horizon. And this one is enormous.